Sunday, October 19, 2008


There's this thing called an i-Pawed that plays music through headphones...and apparently it's dangerous for cats. Peering from atop a heap of papers on the desk into CoS's computer screen, though, I read this article from The Guardian which purrrrports to tell us about it, only to discover that it doesn't say *how* i-Paweds cause us injuries and is really more about dogs swallowing knickers (well, what do you expect of a dog?!).

Still, with the food They give me at the moment being severely deficient in the calories department, I may soon be reduced to that myself. grrr

Friday, October 03, 2008

Bad-tempered tiger!

Gloomy news about attempted tiger-breeding at London Zoo...well, of course they need more space. Big Ginge and I could have told you months ago (as we licked our wounds) that two stripy cats roaming the same four gardens simply doesn't work. No wonder our big cousin is bad-tempered.

CoS says it's awful having to share a bathroom with strange males even if you're human, so there you go.