Sunday, July 23, 2006


Oh, my ears and whiskers, as some rabbit once said. It's HOT. Bloody hot.

Grumbling? Well, just you try wearing a fur coat in this. I wish They would stop teasing me about it.

The other night a fabulous thunderstorm struck Sheen and it rained, hard. I went out in it and got a good, powerful, cooling shower. Tom came down at about 3am to have some muesli and found me thoroughly enjoying cooling off in the wetness. This is ideal, because he then felt it incumbent upon him to dry me vigorously with a tea-towel. Being dried does great things to the fur: it comes out fabulously soft and fluffy and I love it.

Tom says I must be the only cat in the world that likes getting wet. I don't quite believe this. But I do urge caution, dear cat-owners, before you try inflicting this experience upon your own beloved kitties: it's true that certain of my co-furrists are a bit squeamish about water.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A correction

When Jess got back from the Men's Singles Final at Wimbledon the other day, she gently informed me, over extra cat food, that I'd somewhat misrepresented what happens during a match. Apparently it's more like this:


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Still hypnotised...

The mood in the air around us changed abruptly yesterday, when one of those teams that kick the ball around lost their match. Apparently this was a very disappointing thing for the country.

But I've found something better on a different TV channel. It involves one person, or sometimes two, at either end of a big patch of grass, hitting a ball over a net with a big flat round thing, often grunting loudly as they do so. The idea, I think, is to place the ball in such a way that the other person can't get to it. Now and then a man sitting to one side says "Fifteen love". (I know what cupboard love is, but still draw a blank on this one.)

This game is more hypnotic than the other one. The ball makes a lovely light 'pock' sound when the players strike it and it goes back
and forth
and back
and forth
and back
and forth
oops. Fifteen love.

And they start again.
and back
and forth
and back