Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Honestly. People.

Meow? Meow! Meow. Mriaeow. Mraoaoaow. MEAAAAOOOUWWW. MEw. Prr prrrrrrr prr. Mrow? Prrreow. Maow? MAAAAAAAOOOOOWWWWW. Mowow? MAOWAWAWAOW? Prrt? Meow? MEOW???? MIIIIAAAAAAAAOOOUUUWWWWW!!!

[kerplunk]. "Here you are, then, you grumbly cat. It's nowhere near your suppertime yet, but..."

Jess, why the heck didn't you just give me my food in the first place? Then I wouldn't need to grumble. Simple, n'est-ce pas?