Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Please look after my marmalade (and ginger)

Here in this (ahem) literary household, we are distressed to read today that the image of Paddington Bear has been conscripted to fuel sales of Marmite. Of course, I like Marmite - it tastes especially good when licked illicitly from the rim of the jar when everyone's looking the other way. But Paddington is a Marmalade bear. You know my views: a) all things orange are sacred, and b) the written word is the property of its author and shouldn't be ridden roughshod over, especially not by those without the first notion of characterisation principles.

[Solti, what are those? - jd]

Marmite is not only the wrong taste for Paddington: it is the wrong colour.

read the whole thing here...