Monday, November 10, 2008

A pooch for a president?

After all the fuss the other night, in which my sleep was seriously disturbed by human yelling and snuffling in front of the TV at some unearthly hour of morning, things have just got a whole lot worse. The New Household Hero, aka president elect of a place 3000 miles away, has announced that when he moves house he is giving his kids...a dog.

I ask you.

CoS's paper of choice, the Indy, has a selection for our NHH to choose from here. Personally my CoS favours the mutt pictured left, which bears the daffy moniker of a 'Labradoodle' - she cites the fact that a cross-breed is appropriate since the NHH is himself bi-racial. I think she just thinks he's cute. The Labradoodle, not the NHH, I mean.

...oh. Really? NHH is cute, I'm told. Labradoodle less so. My loyal CoS will stick to her favourite felines, otherwise she will find that I am a very cross breed indeed.