Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy new year!

A very catty new year to everyone from my Chief of Staff, The Master and, of course, ME, Sir Georg!

Since I last wrote, all has not been well in the cul-de-sac. Poor Maurice, as per my last post, has met with a very sad fate under the wheels of a speeding car (which didn't even stop after hitting him). Arthur, King of the Close, has also left us, succumbing to kidney failure at a ripe old cat-age. We miss them terribly. My girlfriend, Scarlett, is still very much alive and purring, though, and has a lovely way of zooming out towards you from all sorts of unexpected points on the street. The other good news is that since June, I have won all my fights, emerging unscathed (if fluffed up) on every occasion. A sobering thought: with Maurice and Arthur gone, I am now Senior Cat of the Neighbourhood. This is a Very Big Responsibility.

Meanwhile it's almost too cold to go out for longer than is absolutely necessary, so here is a lovely video from The Guardian about stock-taking at London Zoo. Fabulous film of the penguins and some close relations of Aleksandr Orlov. Enjoy!