Thursday, May 29, 2014

Freya and the golden cat food

Seems that my friend Freya Osborne from Downing Street tried to vote with her paws yesterday. She went for a wander and turned up a mile and a half from home, on the other side of the Thames in Vauxhall. Ironically, it was a homelessness worker who found her, called the number on the name tag and watched her being driven home by a chauffeur. Full report here:

As you know, Freya is the goddess whose golden apples keep the Ring Cycle's immortals equipped with eternal youth. When Wotan lets the giants Fafner and Fasolt take her away to be their housekeeper in payment for the building of Valhalla, he and his family and pals soon find they can't manage without her.

Cats have this effect on families, too - possibly even on politicians.

As Mr George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, is passionate about his Wagner, I'd take an educated guess at the origins of his kittykat's name - and Freya the Feline clearly has an important job to do in national government: she has to keep them all eating the golden cat food. (Not that they seem to need much purrsuading.)

Meanwhile Kate Jones, her rescuer, made the following vital point. Please remember it.

"Found – on the streets of Vauxhall. Not everyone is as lucky as Freya. George please stop cutting homeless services."